The investment objective of the Phillip US Dollar Money Market Fund is to provide liquidity and manage risk while looking to provide a return which is comparable to that of USD short-term deposits. This Sub-Fund will invest in high quality short-term money market instruments and debt securities. Some of the investments may include government and corporate bonds, commercial bills and deposits with financial institutions.

The Managers may also invest the deposited property of the Sub-Fund into a maximum of 3 money market funds which are authorised or recognised by the Authority, including money market funds managed by the Managers during such time or times and on such terms as the Managers think fit in accordance with the investment objective and focus of the Sub-Fund. Up to 10% of the net asset value of the Sub-Fund may be invested into each money market fund.

The management fees charged by the money market funds managed by the Managers will be rebated to the Sub-Fund, as may be agreed between the Managers and the Trustee. The Managers may only use financial derivative instruments (“FDIs”) for such purposes as may be permitted under the Code on Collective Investment Schemes and subject to compliance with the limits and/or restrictions (if any) applicable to Excluded Investment Products.


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