Unit Trust

Phillip Global Quality Fund

‘Z’ Class as of 30 June 2021

S$ 1.1254

‘ZH’ Class as of 30 June 2021

S$ 1.1074

as of 30 June 2021

S$ 18.27 million



The investment objective of the Sub-Fund is to seek medium to long term total return for the investors. The Sub-Fund will invest all or substantially all of its assets in the GMO Underlying Fund.

The GMO Underlying Fund is actively managed. The GMO Underlying Fund seeks total return by investing in equities and equity-related securities the GMO Underlying Fund Manager believes to be of high quality. A high quality company is generally one that the GMO Underlying Fund Manager believes has an established business that will deliver a high level of return on past investments and that will utilise cash flows in the future by making investments with potential for high levels of return on capital or by returning cash to shareholders through dividends, share buybacks, or other mechanisms.

Key Facts

Fund Information

Fund NamePhillip Global Quality Fund
ManagerPhillip Capital Management (S) Ltd
External Legal Counsel to the ManagerAllen & Gledhill LLP
TrusteeCiticorp Trustee (Singapore) Limited
Distribution PolicyAt sole discretion of Managers
EIP / SIP ClassificationSIP (Specified Investment Product)

Other Information

Bloomberg TickerClass SGD Dis GDFUNDD
Class SGD Hedged Dis GDFUNDD
ISINClass SGD Dis SGXZ54679790
Class SGD Hedged Dis SGXZ88594064
SRS Product CodeClass SGD Dis UR1475
Class SGD Hedged Dis UR1476
Minimum Initial Investment$1000
Minimum Subsequent Investment$100
Minimum Holdings1,000 Units
Minimum Realisation Units100 Units
Country of DomicileSingapore
Fund ManagerPhillip Capital Management (S) Ltd

Fees and Charges

Initial Sale ChargeCurrently up to 3%, Maximum of 5%
Redemption ChargeCurrently nil; Maximum of 5%
Switching FeeCurrently nil; Maximum 1.00%, subject to a minimum of S$25
Annual Management FeeCurrently not more than 0.03% per annum; Maximum 0.20% per annum or such other amount as may be agreed by the Trustee and Managers.
Other fees (which may include Custodian, Registrar, fund administration fees, transfer agency fees and administrative costs)Generally less than 0.20% per annum or such other amount as may be agreed by the Trustee and Managers.
Other fees charged by the GMO Underlying Fund to the Sub-Fund**Subscription Charge: Nil
Repurchase Fee: Nil
Switching Charge: Up to 2% of the net asset value of the shares to be exchanged.
Annual Management Fee: Waived for the Sub-Fund
Annual Depositary Fee: Up to 0.0125% per annum for assets up to US$500 million
Other substantial fees or charge:
– Annual Administrator Fee: Up to 0.025% per annum on assets up to US$500 million.
– The aggregate amount of remuneration of the directors of the GMO Funds plc shall not exceed EUR 75,000 or such other amount as may be determined by the directors of the GMO Funds plc.

Investors should note that subscriptions for Units through any distributor appointed by the Managers may incur additional fees and charges. Investors are advised to check with the relevant distributor if such additional fees and charges are imposed by the distributor. The Managers may share their fees with any distributor appointed by the Managers.


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